romanholiday (indieoboe) wrote in pages_turned,

I forgot the format.

Wuthering Heights:

The Earnshaw Family's life is turned upside down when Dad brings home a scary street kid and commands everyone to love him. Some do more than others.

All movies based on this book are romantic nonsense. Most references made to this book are romantic nonsense. This book is not a bloody romance. This book is about spoiled, petulant, self-indulgent people who live in the middle of nowhere and try to get revenge on everyone else.

I didn't care for it.

My new Invader Zim rating system works like this: Curses are bad, waffles are good. Scale is out of five.

Wuthering Heights receives 4 curses and 1 waffle. The waffle is because it's historically important or something. I'm not sure. It's a little waffle.
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