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The Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother
Mercedes Lackey
Sci-fi/Fantasy/Fairy Tale

This book is about a woman named Elena who is supposed to be a "Cinderella," evil stepmother and all, but the Prince in her kingdom (there are 500 kingdoms) is only 12. So she becomes an apprentice fairy godmother. She is in charge of helping Tradition fulfill the various stories, and she ends up turning a spoiled prince into a donkey to teach him a lesson. She also has to stop the harmful Tradition endings from happening, and she takes a big risk when she brings the spoiled prince home to work for her, as Tradition is very stubborn.

I really like this book a lot. It's kind of a Harry Potter type book. The whole fantasy realm is well thought out and the characters are very believable. It kind of feels like a young adult book, but it is aimed more at adults. I definitely recommend it and it is a fun long (432 pages) but quick read.
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