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Jane Fairfax and Five Minute Marriage

Jane Fairfax
By Joan Aiken
Jane Austen companion novel

Five Minute Marriage
by Joan Aiken
Jane Austen like but not a companion

This book is written as a companion to Emma by Jane Austen. It tells the story from another character's view point. Instead of Emma it is Jane Fairfax (the rival). The calm cool woman from Emma is now a frightened woman foisted off on different relatives. She is an orphan and in love with Mr Knightley, but as we know from Emma, he ends up with Emma.

I liked this book and recommend it to Austen lovers. It was interesting to see the sweet innocent Emma as a snobbish brat. Plus it was interesting to see how the love of her life chooses another. It is written in a very similar pattern to Austen and well written. That means if you don't like her victorian prose, you won't like this.

This is a book about a poor music teacher who is trying care for her sick mother. She learns her mother is from wealthy family that disowned her when she married. She (drat forgot her name) goes to see her newly discovered family and quickly has to marry her cousin? because someone has been impersonating her and this is the only way to get her inheritance. Confusion, danger, and love follow.

I liked this book. There was a great end struggle and the characters are well developed. It also is written like and Austen novel, and the intrigue was well worth it. I recommend it in the same way as Jane Fairfax
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Interesting. I'm reading Emma right now. They must have changed Jane a bit, since I don't think she was ever in love with Mr. Knightley.